When it comes to good health, the most important thing is a trusting relationship with your provider.  I have a profound trust in Kareema and will recommend her services to everyone I know who is in need of her healing.

Frank Semmens

Dedication and determination are two words that describe Kareema. Also her intelligence and her knowledge in the field of medicine, health and nutrition are commendable.  She continues to learn and grow and has the natural ability and capabilities as a reliable and trustworthy health and nutrition coach.  

Beeds Joy

Kareema has a passion for helping  people and I  believe an innate understanding of the human body. Kareema’s experience and her knowledge of functional nutrition coupled with her spiritual depth will allow her to help others on their path of wellness and body



Kareema is a kind, knowledgeable, generous, and compassionate human being who has given back to her family and community, a person who will enrich your life when given the opportunity to get to work with her personally.



Kareema is an amazing person, to say the least. She is giving and kind beyond 

measure. Anyone that comes in contact with her walks away feeling a little bit

better about themselves. Kareema just has that effect on people without even 


Jeff Fitzpatrick

This area of interest is a culmination of her past pharmaceutical experience and extensive knowledge of health & wellness. She is passionate about educating and guiding others on the journey of natural healing, perhaps partially motivated by her own health scares.  

Jazzy J

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